General stiffness

Neck & shoulder pain

Chronic cervical pain

TMJ dysfunction

Postural rehab



Carpal tunnel 

Plantar fasciitis

General tightness

Strained muscle rehab

Chronic pain

Thoracic pain

Pregnancy discomfort


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Always keen to assist the next generation to educate, improve awareness and avoid chronic pain and injury via remedial massage treatments. We are always honoured when our clients ask us to treat their children.

Please note however that our governing bodies require the following policies:

  • For all clients under 18 years of age, Intake forms must be sited and signed by parent or guardian;

  • For all clients under 16 years of age, parent or guardian must be present in the treatment room when the therapist is present always;

  • We welcome parents to stay on site or in treatment room for older children if both child and parent agree/ request.


When booking your child in for massage, please plan your time accordingly so you can attend with them to sign intake forms and stay on site where necessary.