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Jules was so understanding and worked within my limits but most surpising was her techniques to overcome my posture at the desk, within 2 treatments no more daily headaches and i have not had a migraine in the last 3months. i do go back now when i feel the tension rising and added bonus no more teeth clenching.

TOM  D,  Nth Lakes

I didn't know what to expect apart from a few massages on holidays but the specialist suggested it. Jules certainly knows her stuff and suggested the Body Reset. Ican say my back pain is greatly improved there are way more good days than bad. I bounded down the stairs the other day and realised it had been awhile since i had done that and take it as a win.

Courtney H, Aspley

Thank you so much for getting me out of pain I had no idea that my flexibility was actually causing so many of my problems. No one had ever suggested my bendiness could be the root of my problems. You summed me up in the first 5 minutes. My understanding of the nerve pain I was experiencing makes so much sense the whole family is going to benefit.

   Stacey, Chermside

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