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How A Professional Massage Therapist In Chermside Can Help You Treat Different Clinical Issues

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

With the rise of awareness of the multiple benefits of massage therapy, we can see many different modalities in this field. But there is no definite proof which one of them would work better for you than other types. While some prefer Swedish massage for reducing their lower back pain, fibromyalgia, or headache, others may like to undergo deep tissue done by a professional Massage Therapist in Chermside. If performed correctly, massage can treat a wide range of clinical problems and help lessen pain caused by injury and health issues.

Let’s dig deeper to understand how a professional Massage Therapist in Clayfield or any other location can bring a significant impact on your health –

Massage Therapy for Treating Specific Disorders

Extensive research and several proven instances have shown how massage therapy has benefited the following health conditions, among many others:

  • Soft tissue injuries

  • Subacute/chronic lower back pain

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Delayed onset muscle soreness

  • Insomnia

Various Benefits of Massage Therapy

Different types of massage therapy bring different health benefits to us. For example, while deep tissue massage is highly effective for reducing stress and tension and controlling blood pressure, Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Chermside is often recommended to stimulate the body's lymph system and strengthen immunity.

Here are some common benefits of massage therapy anyone can experience –

  1. Reducing muscular tension

  2. Boosting the lymphatic system’s activity

  3. Enhancing blood flow

  4. Lessening stress hormones

  5. Accelerating the healing process of soft tissue wounds

  6. Relaxation

  7. Improving mental acuity

  8. Eliminating stress and tension

  9. Better sleep

Types Of Message Therapies

Typically, professional massage therapists use different techniques with their hands to create pressure on a client’s body surface. Based on the techniques and patterns, we often opt for these common types of massage therapy –

  • Myotherapy: It involves identifying and healing soft tissue pain and injuries that can improve an individual’s overall movement and mobility.

  • Remedial Massage: Remedial massage therapy refers to the identification, diagnosis, and management of the symptoms using specific mobilisation techniques to heal the causes of injury or biochemical dysfunction.

  • Reflexology: Based on the idea that some of our body parts reflect the entire being, reflexology massage is applied to our reflex points at the feet, face, hands, and ears and promotes the body’s natural healing process.

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Aiming to heal short-term health issues and chronic health conditions, Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Brisbane North can restore the immune system and treat numerous health conditions.

  • Sports Massage: Though it is a massage application, sports massage is beneficial for improving athletic performance and accelerating the recovery of tired muscles.

  • Swedish Massage: Known as one of the most popular types of massage, a professional Massage Therapist in Chermside can provide effective for encouraging relaxation and improving blood circulation.

Massage Therapy in a Nutshell

With numerous physical and mental benefits, massage therapy is becoming an inevitable part of our life. If you want to enjoy the optimal benefits from your massage sessions, choose an experienced Massage Therapist in Clayfield at Sol Bodyworks who can suggest and treat your specific problems and promote wellness.


Q. Does massage therapy help you sleep better?

A. Massage can increase the production of serotine, which forces the body to relax and keep the muscles smooth. Thus, massage therapy allows us to sleep well.

Q. How often should I get a massage?

A. Based on your physical condition and lifestyle, it is often recommended to undergo a massage session at least once every three weeks.

Q. What is not allowed after massage therapy?

A. It is recommended to avoid working out, drinking caffeine, smoking, and taking hot baths immediately after a massage session.

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