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Remedial Message Vs. Myotherapy In Brisbane North – Know The Differences

For getting relief from different health conditions and injuries that may cause you pain or hinder your physical functionality, you may come across a variety of therapies. Two great therapy options are remedial massage and Myotherapy Brisbane North. While, on the surface, both these therapies appear to be the same and treat similar kinds of issues, they do have differences in approaches and techniques.

To help you better understand whether you should go with remedial massage or myotherapy for your specific physical condition, we’ll discuss the differences between these two therapies, including how they operate and what their benefits are.

What Is a Remedial Message?

Remedial massage therapy is mainly focused on treating the deep layers of muscles and their connecting tissues, tendons, and ligaments. The therapy is effective for releasing muscle tension and improving mobility and functionality in the affected or injured areas. Remedial therapy is also considered an effective Posture Therapy Brisbane North for its beneficial effects in posture correction.

What Is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy focuses on evidence-based assessment and treating musculoskeletal issues. myotherapists are highly trained and qualified to assess and treat muscles, nerves, and joints using various techniques and modalities such as myofascial stretching, soft tissue manipulation, dry needling, and rehabilitation exercises. They can improve the physical conditions and injuries that cause pain and hamper functionality and help to prevent future problems.

Remedial Message And Myotherapy – How Are They Similar?

Both these therapies aim at improving body function and releasing pain. They have some similarities, including –

  • Remedial massage and myotherapy focus on applying hands-on techniques. In both cases, professional therapists need to adjust pressure and methods and modify them according to the person and their condition.

  • In both therapies, patients may be prescribed strengthening exercises if needed. They can perform them at home under the supervision of professional therapists and continue to gain the benefits of each session.

  • Both these therapies can be treated as Sports Massage Brisbane North to release muscle pain, improve mobility, reduce emotional tension, and better sleep.

Remedial Message And Myotherapy – Where Do They Differ?

Despite some similarities, remedial massage and Myotherapy in Brisbane North have many differences –

  • Remedial therapists focus on releasing muscle tensions and removing physical discomfort with hands-on manipulation techniques. But, myotherapists emphasise treating muscles, nerves, and joints.

  • Compared to remedial therapists, myotherapists use different types of massage techniques, targeting muscles, nerves, bones, and blood flow.

  • Myotherapists often use techniques, such as trigger point therapy, dry needling, joint mobilization, muscle manipulation, cupping, and myofascial release. Some of them are also recommended for Pregnancy Massage in Brisbane North.

Remedial Message or Myotherapy – Which One You Should Choose?

Both of them have several benefits that can help improve injuries and conditions. Whether you should go for remedial massage or Myotherapy in Brisbane North depends on what your requirements, conditions, and goals are.

After weighing their similarities and differences, it is always recommended to seek professional advice to find out which would be more suitable for you.

You can contact Sol Bodyworks to avail yourself the remedial, sports, pregnancy, and relaxation massage therapies by professional therapists.


Q. What type of message is recommended for posture?

A. To gain improved posture, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, and sports massage often give effective results.

Q. Is myotherapy painful?

A. Although many people might consider myotherapy a little bit painful, it is not always true. As a deep remedial massage technique, myotherapy can be gentle, if done by expert professionals.

Q. Is sports massage the same as physiotherapy?

A. No, physiotherapy and sports massage in Brisbane North are not the same. While sports massage therapists can troubleshoot minor injuries and conditions without the help of physiotherapists, they cannot treat musculoskeletal issues, which need diagnostic assessments.

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