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5 Tips To Maximise The Benefits Of Remedial Massage In Chermside

Do you often suffer from back aches and pains or constant niggling headaches? Do you feel stressed regularly? Or, is your body posture getting affected due to the tight muscles or any illness? Well, you are not alone! In today’s world, a lot of people suffering from these problems are turning to alternative and holistic treatments like physiotherapy and remedial massage.

A regular Remedial Massage Chermside is a great investment for your long-term well-being and fitness. This hands-on therapy focuses on treating muscles that are damaged, tense, immobile, or knotted. The therapist identifies and treats the damaged area in the body while aiding your body’s natural healing process.

If you want to get the maximum benefits from this remedial massage therapy, here are some tips you should follow while undergoing the treatment –

5 Ways To Maximise Your Remedial Massage Benefits

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Remedial massage and sports therapies are dehydrating. Hence, an experienced Massage Therapist Chermside advises drinking plenty of water after the session to keep the body rehydrate and eliminate the toxins and metabolic wastes from your system.

2. Avoid Exercise and Heavy Physical Activities

Try to avoid exercising after the treatment. Rather, hitting the gym before your treatment is always recommended. Working out or doing heavy physical activities after a remedial massage session may cause additional stress and strain on your muscles. Your muscles will need sufficient time to heal, especially after a deep-tissue massage. Hence, it is better to take everything easy for 24 hours.

3. Adopt a Good Body Posture

Your bad body posture can hamper all the benefits received from regular remedial massage. Make sure your workspace is ergonomically competent as it can help you maintain correct body posture and minimise stress in the spine even after spending hours in front of the computer.

4. Include Gentle Stretches Following the Massage

Applying gentle stretches afterward the remedial massage or Sports Therapy Clayfield help to accelerate the massage benefits as they encourage your muscles to stay flexible.

5. Skip Post-Massage Caffeine and Alcohol

Since this massage therapy can cause dehydration for a certain time, it is advisable to avoid caffeine and alcohol temporarily after undergoing the Remedial Massage in Chermside. Instead of drinking coffee after the massage, you can take herbal tea or drink more water.

Which Massage Therapist in Chermside to See?

While each therapist possesses some uniqueness, the massage style can vary from one therapist to another. Hence, you should choose someone well-trained and experienced for your Remedial Massage Therapy. Massage therapists at Sol Bodyworks are well-acquainted with a wide range of massage techniques to treat your muscular problems.


What techniques are applied in a remedial massage?

Some common techniques used during remedial massage are –

· Deep strokes

· Compression

· Effleurage

· Skin rolling

· Wrinkling and more

What are the possible after-effects of remedial massage sessions?

· Muscular ache

· Mild headache

· Frequent urination

· Active bowels

· Heightened emotional state

· Changed sleep patterns

How often should you get a massage?

Since the effects of Remedial Massage or Sports Therapy in Clayfield are cumulative, a full course of massage is often recommended by the therapist you choose. Usually, after the initial corrective phase, a preventive massage session every 4-6 weeks is helpful to stay you in good health.

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