Bridging the gap in
self care


As a remedial therapist I developed these balls out of frustration the foam roller big, difficult to use and painful. The classic tennis ball too soft and not effective. Of course there are other fascial release tools out there that are expensive when you have time to scour the internet. 


These high density rubber balls are light weight and portable together in the bag you work down the Erector Spiralis or ITB, the handy string allows you to throw the unit over the shoulder and hit the rhomboids and infraspinatus triggers.  They can be shared and used singularly as the MTB  are intimate enough to work into the quads, hamstrings, glutes and piriformis. There is so much you can do once you nail down the principles:


It’s as easy as LAND SINK ROLL.

It is now well established working with movement through the fascia is the key to unbinding soft tissue and best of all this method is quick and easy with excellent results. In fact it is the laziest way to self treat I have ever come across I think that is why they are the Clark Kent of the super heroes.

It has been my passion to offer my massage clients self care methods to limit down, reduce pain naturally, and improve range of movement.

The great thing is they are affordable and exist right in North Lakes at the Sol Bodyworks clinic. Great wholesale prices are available in either 20 or 40 units they make fantastic  promotional products take up very little space and can easily be  taken up by PT’s, EPs, yoga and other instructors for class use. Personal product instruction can be given on wholesale order.