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Change the Way You Feel

Looking to regain that feeling of ease back in your life?

While massage can not take all our problems away SOL can relieve tension, pain and restriction of movement to manage active lifestyles and get you back on track to a healthful life.

Sol Bodyworks Remedial Massage Clinic uses Direct Myofascial release to work with clients managing both short and long term postural dysfunction, work related injuries, rehabilitation and sport related injuries working with allied health practitioners to achieve your desired results. Muscle health is equally important to bone health the fascial coating around each muscle cell and bone forms a massive communication system regulating tone, blood flow, nutrient and hormones via the neural network.

Changing tone neurally in muscle changes mood elevating your sense of wellbeing, creating ease of movement and improving sleep. Why is it no amount of stretching or rolling will release your tension restricting both ease and range of movement? Manual therapy remains the single most effective natural way to release tension allowing you to completely let go of restrictions. SOL provides and guide clients into self-awareness of lines of tension, recruiting muscle movements, muscle imbalance, and long-term management strategies.

Posture imbalance results from the effects of gravity, overuse and repetitive use from everyday life not necessarily as a result of injury. We don’t often think our posture is incorrect as changes occur over time and may present as stiffness, dull ache and eventually decrease in range of movement. Touched your toes lately?

Work environments cause repetitive use syndrome; tasks that require long periods of continual specific movement (often in static positions), breathing becomes shallow and blood flow slows. Muscle fatigue is common in these environments causing tension, knots and ischemia. Headaches for example are a common symptom of prolonged sitting- frequency and intensity can be greatly reduced or eliminated at SOL.

Sport enthusiasts benefit from massage especially pre-season. Starting with muscles in optimal alignment makes for efficient training and avoids reinforcing bad movement patterns that eventuate in injury. Dry needling and Cupping are utilised to improve recovery times. Strapping can be implemented to stabilise and increase neural feedback via proprioception. Deep tissue techniques release overused tissue, trigger pointing treat knots and nodes in tissue creating a healing response.

Rehabbing from injury can be frustrating, at Sol we look at the compensating structures to bring your whole self back to health. Extending treatment beyond the affected area improves recovery times as the body returns to normal movement. It is never too late to improve range of movement and tension from old injuries that ripple through the fascial lines of the body.

Great results are achieved using Direct Myofascial Release, the principles of Neuromuscular Therapy, a comprehensive understanding of Trigger Point Therapy, Dry Needling, Cupping and Proprioceptive Strapping as required. This combination of therapies provides a unique and very effective treatment with long lasting results.

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