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Does Sports Therapy In Chermside Benefit Athletic Performance? Truth Behind Sports Massage

With a rise in the popularity of sports massage, many professional athletes nowadays integrate this massage therapy into their fitness regimen. But, many of us are still not aware whether or not Sports Therapy in Chermside can affect athletic performance, and the limits of its effectiveness.

In this blog, we are going to shed light on how sports massage can affect or improve your health and athletic performance, based on its effectiveness in different sports activities.

Can Sports Therapy in Clayfield Affect Performance?

The University of Sheffield and The British Medical Journal jointly conducted a study that showed its indirect influence on athletic performance related to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It may also help in reducing muscle fatigue and improving flexibility.

Let’s discuss the impact of sports massage on athletic performance in different sectors –

1. Jump performance and sports therapy

After conducting 12 different studies, researchers decided that sports massage can significantly impact jump performance in scenarios where this massage is performed as a recovery technique for muscle fatigue. So, with the help of professional massage therapists, athletes suffering from injuries or muscle fatigue, can return to a baseline level of performance.

2. Sprint performance and sports therapy

Another study conducted on high-intensity sprint cycles revealed that professional massage in between sprint cycles can significantly improve performance for the next sprint cycle.

3. Muscle fatigue and sports therapy

Different studies conducted on different sports showed that sports massage has a positive impact on reducing muscle fatigue. So, undergoing sports massage by a professional Massage Therapist in Chermside can significantly help you deal with your muscle fatigue and soreness after an athletic performance or workout session.

4. Body flexibility and sports therapy

Sports massage and body flexibility seem co-related as the particular technique (dynamic soft tissue mobilisation or DSTM) used in this massage can bring a positive impact on hamstring length, which boosts flexibility.

5. DOMS and sports therapy

After conducting several studies on the effectiveness of sports massage, researchers also found its positive impact on reducing delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. Sports massage can improve around 13% of muscle soreness occurred due to post-exercise. Moreover, Sports Therapy in Clayfield is often recommended for DOMS for situations like multi-day events or where analgesic use is prohibited.

To Sum Up

If you are interested in improving your athletic performance by incorporating sports massage into your fitness regimen, consider SOL BODYWORKS, an authentic centre for remedial massage, sports massage, and other advanced forms of massage for your overall well-being.


Q. What is sports massage?

A. Sports massage is a specific form of massage technique designed to meet athletic needs related to various sports and physical activities. It is a combined form of numerous massage techniques, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, stretching, and so on.

Q. Why is sports massage good for athletes?

A. Based on the above discussion, we can see that sports massage can have several positive benefits on athletic performance. Some of them include –

· Reduce the risk of injury

· Increase flexibility

· Decrease recovery time

· Reduce muscle tension

· Improve sense of well-being and more

Q. Can sports massage promote quicker recovery time?

A. Whether you are a professional athlete or someone just starting in the gym, you will be benefited from incorporating Sports Therapy in Clayfield as it is highly effective for recovery and performance.

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