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Say Goodbye To Chronic Pain: Manage Your Chronic Pain With Myotherapy In Brisbane North

People who have ever undergone chronic pain, only know how much this pain sucks. Chronic pain is not just physical as it also affects mental well-being. It can also hamper one’s social life and long-term health.

While you can always consider the traditional way of treating chronic pain with anticonvulsants, muscle relaxers, or antidepressants, these drugs also come with some limitations in the long run.

Then comes the best alternative for chronic pain management – myotherapy. From reducing chronic pain to improving mobility – Myotherapy in Brisbane North can be a blessing for those looking for an alternative treatment.

Through this blog, we’ll discover how myotherapy can help you manage your chronic pain.

1. Myotherapy for managing acute flare-ups

People with long-term chronic pain often experience a flare-up of their pain levels. When you have such a flare-up of symptoms, you may also experience some physical factors such as tight muscles along with increased sensitivity in the body.

Either way, taping, mobilisation, and Pain Relief Massage in Brisbane North can relieve the flare.

2. Myotherapy for regulating the pain response

Chronic pain can also increase the sensitivity level in the body which helps the nervous system send pain messages throughout the body. During this phase, the body becomes highly sensitive to sensation due to a greater release of neurotransmitters.

In this scenario, the pressure from gentle massage or myotherapy helps release stretching in the muscle and reduce pain.

3. Myotherapy for investigating the root cause of chronic pain

Behind your chronic pain, there can be several factors. Some of them also act as an aggravator. While visiting a professional therapist, he or she initially focuses on investigating the root cause of your pain and then customises the treatment plan.

In certain health conditions, therapists suggest Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Brisbane North, especially when lymph fluid starts building up. In lymphatic drainage massage, the drainage of the lymph nodes and lymph fluid is stimulated through the body.

4. Myotherapy to reduce stress hormones

Here is another great benefit of myotherapy – the gentle massage during the therapy can reduce cortisol – the stress hormone by 31%. As a result, the level of your feel-good brain chemicals, including dopamine and serotonin increases.

5. Myotherapy for releasing trigger points

Trigger points are like micro-spasm of the muscle that contributes to chronic pain. With time, they can often exacerbate, if not treated properly.

With the help of Myotherapy in Brisbane North, your therapist can treat the problematic trigger points around the area of pain.

Best Myotherapy Treatment for Chronic Pain

If you are looking for an effective solution for your chronic pain with myotherapy or Pain Relief Massage in Brisbane North, you should contact SOL BODYWORKS, the ultimate destination for personalised remedial massage therapy.


Q. What is myotherapy good for?

A. As a non-invasive therapy, myotherapy is effective in treating injury pain, chronic pain, and issues with your soft tissue or muscles.

Q. Is myotherapy effective for back pain?

A. Myotherapy performed by professional therapists is effective for treating several areas of pain, including the lower back.

Q. Are myotherapy and physiotherapy the same?

A. Although both myotherapy and physiotherapy treat injuries and pain, there are differences in their approaches. While physiotherapy is a method of primary allied healthcare, myotherapy is not yet formally recognised as allied healthcare.

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