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Physiotherapy Vs. Myo Therapy In Brisbane North – Which One Is Right For You?

Are you suffering from muscle pain lately? Or been experiencing cervical pain or sports injury that has left you immobilised and prevented you from doing your routine work? Then, you may need the help of physiotherapy to improve your condition. Or, visiting a professional therapist for Myotherapy Brisbane North would be an ideal recovery process for you. But how do you know which one would be more effective for your physical condition?

While both physiotherapy and myotherapy are helpful remedial processes for treating muscle pain or stiffness, they hold differences in many aspects and provide unique health benefits.

Let’s dig deeper into an in-depth discussion about the differences between physiotherapy and myotherapy –

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a method that involves proper assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention for various musculoskeletal problems occurred due to injury, illness, and ageing. The process involves different types of exercise and body movements to improve overall body activities which would eventually boost well-being, strength, mobility, and function.

Techniques Used for Physiotherapy

In physiotherapy, different techniques or modalities are used to alleviate pain and improve movement and strength. Some of these common techniques (but not limited) are –

· Trigger point dry needling

· Stretching and strengthening techniques

· Spinal mobilisation

· Joint mobilisation

· Electrical nerve stimulation

What Is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is also known as remedial massage or sports therapy. When a professional therapist provides myotherapy or Sports Therapy Brisbane North, he or she uses trigger points to minimise the stress inside the muscles. This therapy focuses on releasing the pain by constantly applying pressure on the trigger points.

Techniques Used for Myotherapy

While the remedial massage or myofascial release is the primary focus of this therapy, myotherapists also possess extensive skills and knowledge to apply many other techniques that include –

· Trigger point therapy

· Myofascial release or myofascial cupping technique

· Muscle energy technique

· Deep tissue massage

· Central and peripheral joint mobilisation

· Stretching exercises and programs

Benefits of Myotherapy

Myo Therapy in Brisbane North is still an emerging concept. Due to the great effectiveness of this treatment in certain areas, its popularity is increasing everywhere. Some of its benefits are –

· Myofascial release massage reduces stress and anxiety

· Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Brisbane North is an effective way to improve the lymphatic fluid and relieve swelling in the body

· It also reduces muscle soreness and chronic lower back pain

· Myotherapy promotes wellness among cancer patients or those suffering from chronic illness and central nervous system problems

Physiotherapy vs. Myotherapy – The Bottom Line

While both have subtle differences, myotherapy or Sports Therapy in Brisbane North is more focused on treating muscle pains by targeting trigger points to release pain. However, physiotherapy is believed to be more scientific due to the extensive research and awareness on this topic.

If you are looking for an experienced and skilled professional for myofascial release or Lymphatic Drainage Massage Brisbane North, you can count on Sol Bodyworks’ remedial massage therapy.

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